Europalace Hotel

24 July 2023

Gorizia Karst

Tour in the unspoilt Karst via Doberdò, home to one of the few examples in Europe of a Karst lake (its water level varies in relation to the flow rates […]
24 July 2023

Cycle tourism

The Europalace Hotel, BW Signature Collection is the ideal facility for cycling enthusiasts. The hotel has ample space and secure parking for bicycles, electric bicycle charging stations, plus a small […]
24 July 2023

Adriana Itri

Europalace Hotel, BW Signature Collection and contemporary art: the lobby spaces are coloured with the works of Adriana Itri.
1 December 2021

Friuli-Venezia Giulia territory of fine wines

In this area, wine has played an important role since ancient times thanks to a favorable environment for growing grapes.
2 October 2021

The magic of autumn on the Karst

Spending autumn between Gorizia and Trieste means being enchanted by the spectacle that the Karst gives us.
20 July 2021

The Isonzo river: adventure, nature, history and culture

The “emerald wonder”, as the Isonzo river is called due to the color of its waters. It springs in Slovenia from a crevice in the rock of Mount Travnik, in […]
2 May 2021

Marina Julia, the ideal norhtern Adriatic beach to kitesurfing

The seaside resort of Marina Julia in Monfalcone, only 4 km far from the Europalace Hotel, Bw Signature Collection, is one of the best locations of the northern Adriatic for […]
28 March 2021

Alpe Adria trail, last stop

Friuli Venezia Giulia always reserves beautiful surprises. This corner of Italy is crossed by an evocative route that starts from Austria and, passing through Slovenia, will take you directly to […]
1 July 2020

Fabio Fonda

30 June 2020

The district of “Panzano”