Vacation ideas

28 March 2021

Alpe Adria trail, last stop

Friuli Venezia Giulia always reserves beautiful surprises. This corner of Italy is crossed by an evocative route that starts from Austria and, passing through Slovenia, will take you directly to […]
28 June 2020


Europalace Hotel, BW Signature Collection is perfect for cycling. You can find spacious spaces, a safe parking area, electric bikes charging stations and a small workshop. A new bike rental […]
28 June 2020

The Alpe Adria cycle path

The route moves from Salzburg through Carinthia, Villach and Arnoldstein to the Austrian-Italian border. Then on Italian soil, the way leads you – occasionally along abandoned railway lines – via […]
28 June 2020

The cave Grotta Gigante

The cave Grotta Gigante is one the most interesting sites in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The exceptionally large size of the main underground chamber of the Grotta Gigante are  100 metres […]
28 June 2020

Trieste for children – Antonio dinosaur

Not far from Trieste, in a former quarry located between Duino and Villaggio del Pescatore,  in 1994 a complete and perfectly preserved skeleton of a dinosaur was discovered. The fossil was moved […]
28 June 2020


Osmize are typical places where local wines and traditional foods can be purchased and enjoyed just where they are produced. This is a tradition that dates back to the time of Maria Theresa of Austria and, […]